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The extremely durable, relevant, and invaluable resource for everyday kitchen tasks
About us

Cooks Book is a pocket-sized quick reference book designed to help you work even faster and more efficiently in the kitchen.

Cooks Book is dependable, durable, relevant and versatile.

Dependable, durable, relevant and versatile.

We set out to create the ultimate tool for the culinary industry. Cooks Book is a pocket-sized quick reference guide that will help you work even more quickly and efficiently in the kitchen. It provides invaluable information from sous vide temperatures to butchery diagrams, and you can even add your own notes, ideas and techniques.

We know that even the most experienced cooks can’t remember everything all the time. Time is precious on the line, and at home, so we made it easy for you to find what you need, such as:

• sous vide temperatures and times for proteins, eggs, fruits and vegetables
• seasonality charts for menu planning (applies to the Great Lakes region and the midwest region of North America)
• measurement conversions

• basic recipes, formulas and dough ratios
• butchery diagrams

You could search for all this valuable information on your own, but it would take you hours upon hours. In Cooks Book, our recipes and references are tried, tested and true.

Cooks Book is also environmentally friendly and tough, and able to withstand the harshest kitchen environments. The cover is made with YUPO synthetic paper to protect Cooks Book inside and out – it’s waterproof, tear, chemical and stain-resistant. We care about the planet too – the inside paper is 100% recyclable.

Cooks Book also features:

• way-finding icons to help you find what you’re looking for
• small design that fits in your back pocket
• type large enough for you to read it easily
• space for your personal notes and recipes

• a page-marking ribbon to hold your place
• an EPUB version as an add-on to your book for those times you’d like to look for information using your smartphone or tablet

Cooks Book is proudly designed, printed and bound in Canada. We take pride in supporting local businesses and in bringing our customers the best product possible.

Above all, we cook, just like you, and we use this book ourselves day in and day out in our kitchens. And we’re confident that Cooks Book will make your life easier too.