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The extremely durable, relevant, and invaluable resource for everyday kitchen tasks

The extremely durable, relevant and invaluable resource for everyday kitchen tasks.

  • “I think Cooks Book should be in every apprentice and seasoned chefs pocket. It’s a complete tool and has all the information a modern cook should know.”

    Romain Avril  |  Executive Chef, Lavel
  • “An essential reference guide for any cook!”

    Oliver Li  |  Chef de Cuisine, The Chefs House/George Brown College
  • “Cooks Book is the sidekick you need in the kitchen for those times you need a quick reminder. This is the perfect book for beginners, chef de parties and salty dogs!”

    Adam Hynam-Smith  |  Executive Chef, El Gastro Vagabondo
  • “Cooks Book is small, but don’t be deceived by its size, as the content is mighty! The purpose of the book is about convenience and efficiency in the kitchen and it serves exactly that.”

    Olivia Go  |  Owner, Tosho Knife Arts
  • “A great tool full of useful information needed in any kitchen. Young and seasoned cooks should be using this. It also fits in your pocket!”

    Luke Kennedy  |  Chef de Cuisine, The Chase